Day of the Dead Table Runners

A recent commission. The client asked for Day of The Dead so naturally I thought how fun to get skulls and embroider floral halos on them!

Tula Pink De La Luna ladies.

The skulls were purchased as unbleached cotton lacework that I dyed with my FW acrylic artists ink. It took a couple applications to get the color to stay as vibrant as I wanted. (I started light in case it didn’t work). 😉

The burgundy and turquoise rosettes are trim Ellen found while we were shopping. They matched perfectly and assister in combining the elements.

the cross was a “gift with purchase” of the 4 skulls. I thought it fitting to dye it and make a small “Thank You” for the buyer.

I sat and rewatched (for the first time) th Doctor Who series the David Tennant years. It was much fun to revisit the weird and wonderful series while atitching these bright yarn colors.

I really loved how the heart eyes of the Tula Pink fabric fit exactly for the eyes of the lacework skulls!

Once all the embroidery was done I could then back and batt and quilt! Fun awedding the small finishing touches.