Inktober Days 1 – 21 (so far)

I didn’t really have a plan to join the gillion other artists on social media for this annual event. Why not? Because I don’t draw well. But that’s the whole point I guess, to do something each day for 31 days and see where you go.

I’m really surprised by;

1. I’m sticking with it and enjoy the process.

2. not realizing how much mental space it takes up to do this each day

3. that I am learning so much!

Mind you, all I’m doing is working and coming home, taking care of the cats, feeding me and El and home chores then sitting down to attempt the daily prompts. That’s it. No sewing!

I need to get started on the mini quilt swap I’m in as well as the Christmas commission but I’ve still got some time and already have the fabrics pulled and patterns ready. (that’s like half the battle)

My mantra has always been I can do anything for 30 minutes (this is the mind trick I use to get off my ample derriere and get walking) but now I can say I can do anything for 31 days too.